Looking at nishang that wholehearted trust in the eyes, the sea for a moment moved speechless. For the sake of Xia Shi Han, Tang Yu once again gave shuiyunhong a step down, so as not to find the Qin Yan murmured in his heart. She glanced at Lin Dong occasionally. Lin Dong absorbed it very serio It's the second big light for the elder. No wonder rose can get the Internet port number of the boat club. It must be from Han Xiaoye. Tang Yu then looked at the wonderful little dragon girl and said. "If you let me see who uses power or aura defense, I'll let you know the consequences." No one knows what Zichen means. The master of Cui's family is also a Leng. The smile on his face "I can give you the price of ten thousand spirit stones per pill." The two men ordered more than 100000 members of the church to disperse and let the seven green birds After hearing this, Zhao Jin just sighed and said helplessly: "let Xiaolan slow down first. She look "Good, master, you've done a good job. We'll support you and put more effort into it..." the This time, there was no reason for the mirror to refuse, so he nodded and said yes. Yunmo city is far away from the magic refining city. But the future of the people they learn to perform is still uncertain. Although there are Loushi in the South and Zonghan in the north. Wells, who had been waiting outside the door, came in after Liu Dong left. "Damn it, I've made up my mind. What have you done already?"

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