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The last murmur seemed to express dissatisfaction, but the tone of dissatisfaction was not heard at Zhou Dong finally calmed his excited heart, "not only I'm here, but also my uncle!" The whole world, began to become silent. Now, they can't make a decision in three days. The solitary moon directly sacrifices countless array plates and magic weapons of Fudao. Therefore, Ye Ming took a few quick steps, and the wind was rising under his feet, and almost instan Suddenly, Li Minghui's eyes flashed. Suddenly, his long-standing memory suddenly appeared in his "But I don't think... The rascal tone you speak to your subordinates can't be matched in a h The crowd under the stage was another sensation. After a fierce battle, Xiao Feng found an opportunity to cut a 10 cm long wound in Xiao Guan's c "Zhou moved a lot of Yang Lin, and the royal family of the Sui Dynasty would let him go? Don't f Watching Zhao Ling go there to see a Santa Claus singing, Guo Xiaodong trotted to the past. "Elder martial brother Luo, are Buchang Xuan and Mazhi killed in danger..." And Jiwu is also indifferent, so light looking at Ye Chong. When the string is full and the arrow is out, Yang Kai's expression is solemn. Xiao Fan looked at the pill again, frowned slightly, turned to Xinlin and asked, "Jia'er, do you Lin Xue giggled: "I want to enter the inner door, you can't be too bad, otherwise our gap will b Holding the scabbard in his hand, he stepped forward. As he went on, his whole body began to shine w

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