Tang Yue said with a smile: "compared with the Morgan family, I'm just making a little fuss at b Lu Jing drank coke with a smile, "know I'm the second kind, you still like this?" It is impossible to resist with the current cultivation of Zhuyu. She couldn't believe her eyes when she looked at the scattered flesh and blood from the air. Obviously, I haven't heard of it at all. Those ice chains in front of Wang Yun, Wang Yun was made extremely angry, constantly breaking out of "Today we learn to add up to five. Read with me, one plus one equals two." But as time went on, similar signs began to appear in Sanhe area. Jiang Tong is silent for a moment: "Xiaobai, connect Xiao Gu's communication." Therefore, many of the practitioners it summoned are from the Seven Realms of the true God. Tao Mu was flustered in an instant. His eyes kept looking around, as if he wanted to find a way to e She's going to step on her hands again. He also came out of the illusion of Tianfu challenge arena and saw Wang xuanyang not far away. "Hello, did you take part in the big stomach competition of Xinfei chamber of Commerce?" "He is General Hu haohu, one of the best generals in China!" Mu Yun Qingge knows what Qingshui is up to. Yao haoxuan has become a four meter high super strong man, pounding his chest hard, the first soul s When the correspondent gets through the message, the cold prompt sound is presented to the public th

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