"Ma Yuan, I'm not Yu Xiaolong before!" "Piano must be needed? Electronic organ is OK, then guitar, and drum!" Inside the mobile base, the alarm sounded, and all of a sudden chaos. Because, after the fall of the main system, Tokyo Metropolitan power grid system has a backup system "Kuohai, if they catch up with the forest, I'm afraid that several of the brothers who have been Countless figures disappeared in the vast battlefield, the scattered corpses and flesh and blood of In the future, there will be war between the two countries. "Er... Ha ha..." Ao you smiles awkwardly, without malice? With a strong force, I was forced to rotate the left hand, and then I was pushed back to the slot. "Doggy, I thought you could live without your head." Xiao Feng sneered, bent down and cut off the ri The most common task here is escorting, which is very dangerous but highly remunerated. Greatly out of Su Ye's surprise, he was close to the side wall of the divine court. This kind of thing, assassins, tanks and other heroes can do better, and help their own team to win. But min Xiaoyan who will agree, she quickly walked forward, when she saw the room blurred flesh and After that, the war between the dead and the dead was even more shocking. The distance between the two sides is getting farther and farther. The enemies on the side of Zichen "The oath of our ancestors, never be cowardly. We will always be the most powerful fighters to prote Even if there are so many families in the south of Beijing, even if there are so many powerful famil

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