Wang Cong releases Ye Lan and rushes to the bathroom. All this tells Ye Chu that the black iron is really a divine object, extraordinary and incomparable. In a trance, he walked slowly away from Lapp, thinking, and walking to the BuTian palace, the Ji fam But think of Bailing's reminder, or forbearance, and bailing is also very intimate. Xiao Ping and Li Wanqing got up early the next morning. However, Chen jiangui did not expect that he would guard against night defense and even his family m It's nothing important. She's not going to keep it secret. Yang Lingyu immediately recognized Tang Yu's voice, and her eyebrows wrinkled in an instant. Chen Suliang sneered and said in a loud voice, "but brother Wuzhou, you made a mistake. You sent tro Without tianmeng Bing Chan saying, Huo Yuhao also plans to meditate for a while, and his mental ener Tang Yu felt very strange and looked at Chanel: "little girl, your hand is still in my hand. How can The roar of the Taiyin hall shocked many powerful races who had just calmed down and returned to the In the eyes of Mo Li, the book is full of color. Ye CHENFENG intends to drain all the last aura in his body, so as to display three seals to break th Dingding did not feel anything, just a little familiar, but Longsha's face did change slightly: Looking from the extreme, I don't know why the miasma fog in the valley is rare. They are all ro And then, with a puff, the body of taixuan God. "Is this your Buddhist master? Weak, it's too weak!"

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