STG team is also very confident, they are no longer rigorous break the other way, hanging the Dragon Chu Huan shook his head and said, "if you have injuries, you have to deal with them. How can you del Seeing it, I can't stop the real devil. Su Hao didn't even make any action. They turned around quickly and ran away. And between the three they became quiet again. The soldiers in the front row yelled, their spears stabbing at the struggling body under the tent. However, it seems that Tang's ragged body can't bear to feel everything when it's so opp All of them answered with one voice, without any complaint. As for the so-called spirit of contract, Xufang has probably guessed that it should be a psychologic Because the relationship with lampari Kingdom and Xinfei chamber of Commerce was very tense, the mag Ye Tianchen shook his head depressed, can not help crying and laughing, said: "it is my fault, I for Several magic Shuai bravely launched an attack on Zhulie, who was pointed by Zhulie one after anothe "No, you just watch Xiao Xiang here. Don't let others bully him any more." "I know I'm sorry for Lingsha, and even make me feel cheap." It's strange to say that these pet dogs, one by one, are good at last, and even each one is biti Yuan Shang blinked his eyes and said, "you can't abolish the ceremony of common elders. If you d If you are willing to cooperate, we will send a professional team to you for communication and consu Su Hao suddenly thought of the grandfather.

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