Chen Changsheng was helpless and said, "I didn't know she was Xu yourong at that time, and... In "... I don't want to inherit his title." Wang Zhongjun is waiting for Ye Ming and fan Binbin. At this time, fan Binbin is not very good and w In fact, the more we want to be transferred, the more we want to be transferred, the more we know it However, by speculating on Chen Xing's attitude, Tang Yu believes that if Chen Xing dies, Haiya Under the sky, the biggest flying monster, Xuanyu Huangxing, has never heard of a young Terran recog "Don't ask questions that shouldn't be asked. Let's go first and ask Xu Lingbo to come h "Don't talk nonsense. Let's get this girl down. There's not much time left. We've go Jing Tian continued to sift through the novels and echoed. In the whole body of Mufeng, there is a strange wave, which is different from the mysterious power f "Hello, the younger generation of the people, the prince looks up to you when he buys things from yo Suffering from such cruel torture, can Fang lie not take revenge? Xie Mudong was in a dilemma. Chen Yingliang was so anxious that he had an idea. He asked Xie Mudong, When you think like this, you should be able to accept it. This commanding elite under his command, as long as one impact, can smash these miscellaneous beards "Yes, sometimes luck is very important." However, for this kind of thing, Xiao Zhenshan saw it very thoroughly. "You'd better send your girlfriend here."

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